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Before - Perio Protect Program

After - Perio Protect Program


Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation 

This evaluation is what the hygienists use to continually monitor the health of the gums and bones that support the teeth as you are attending maintenance appointments.

The areas evaluated include and area not limited to: pockets around the teeth, bone loss, recession, bleeding on probing and mobility. After gathering the information it is presented to the patient and explained on a simple graph.


Based on clinical findings our hygienists can customize our in-office treatment and your self-care performed at home.


One size does not fit all!


This evaluation provides a thorough baseline for current and future hygiene management. It is our goal to insure that our patients are provided with the most current standard of care.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Oral Hygiene Instruction (OHI) is offered to our patients of all ages. Children learn proper brushing and flossing techniques for a healthy, cavity free mouth. OHI is customized for our adult patients for the hard to reach places and for special circumstances such as Diabetes, Periodontal Disease and for those with limited or impaired dexterity.


Perio Protect Program

Perio Protect has been one of the Top 100 products since 2009. We offer this to our patients as an essential part of their at-home care. Custom made trays and specific solutions are used to destroy the bacteria that contribute to gingivitis and gum disease.


This program has vastly changed our approach to care and management of some patients who may have been referred for periodontal interventions. A pleasant side effect of Perio Protect treatment is whiter teeth.

Pain Management & Anxiety

There are many forms of pain & anxiety management available to our patients to ensure a comfortable appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Our office provides Nitrous oxide or laughing gas for those patients who are nervous about dental treatment.


This is a method of conscious sedation that is beneficial for apprehensive patients of all ages. This treatment is administered through a customized nose-piece and is titrated to meet the individual patient’s needs. By the time the patient leaves our office the effects of the gas have completely worn off which allows the patient to leave unassisted.


Oraqix is a non-injectable anesthetic that gives patients the numbness they desire during the removal of hardened tartar build-up and deeper cleanings. Our hygienists love this product because it helps to ensure their efficiency in a timely and gentle manner.


The Oraqix stays exactly where it is placed so we can target only those specific areas needing to be numbed. The effects have usually subsided by the end of your appointment so there is no numbness lingering.

Local Anesthetic

Our doctors are very skilled in the use of local anesthetic or freezing for restorative procedures and can provide this service for hygiene appointments as well.


A sealant is a thin acrylic-like coating, which is applied to permanent molars that have deep depressions and grooves. It forms a smooth surface by filling in the pits and fissures, which is easier to keep clean and helps prevent cavities.

Airway Screenings

Airway Screenings are performed as a part of new patient and recall examinations. Tonsils, adenoids and soft tissues can sometimes close off or block the air passage causing many health problems. A yearly exam can evaluate the airway to ensure proper breathing, sleeping and oral health.


(You do not have to be a current patient)

SpaDent Whitening

The SpaDent whitening system uses a tray similar to a mouthguard that is filled with a whitening solution. The solution is activated by an LED light that helps to enhance the results, typically 4 shades whiter in only a 20 minute session! This is a great adjunct to a hygiene appointment or a great gift for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Gift Certificates available upon request.

Tray Based Whitening

Tray Whitening is a growing demand among our patients, which is why we offer an easy to use take home whitening system with custom made trays. You receive the whitening system and can complete the treatment in the privacy of your own home.


Used once a day for about two weeks, the gentle solution alongside a specially formulated paste helps to remove years of stain and prevent sensitivity.


You will have your trays for years to come and only have to purchase the inexpensive refill syringes to continue touching-up your results. Great results are only two appointments away.

Ask us about our proven, safe and reliable whitening options today!

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