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Myofunctional Therapy 

(Myobrace Patient)


Myofunctional therapy is a very progressive and early interceptive option when we detect there may be braces in someones future. It is a way to encourage the face to develop to its fullest potential which also creates a proper environment for teeth to erupt into place correctly.


Crowding of the teeth usually is the result of habits such as mouth-breathing, incorrect swallowing, tongue thrusting and improper function of the facial and oral muscles.


By wearing a simple removable appliance for an hour a day and all night, many children never require braces to straighten their permanent teeth.


No waiting, No removal of teeth, No bonded appliances, No relapse! Parents and children love this early interceptive treatment option.


Visit The Myobrace Website: for more information.


Our hygienists have advanced training in this area and complete evaluations at all hygiene appointments.


*This treatment option is available for children and adults.

Orthodontic Intervention

If the arches remain underdeveloped after Myofunctional therapy dental appliances can be used to facilitate expansion of the dental arches and allow them to accommodate all of the teeth. These appliances can be fixed in place or removable. This gradual consistent force also encourages more stable results and even less time in braces.

Traditional orthodontics usually consisted of removal of some of the teeth and the use of a series of wires, springs and elastics to move the teeth to a more pleasing position. Unfortunately this did not guarantee long term function of the jaw joints or stability of the teeth once the braces were removed. After correcting the reason WHY there was not enough room in the arches for the teeth and facilitating growth, braces can now be used more successfully for minor tooth movement and only need to be in place for a much shorter time period.

*We accept referrals just for myofunctional therapy and orthodontics. There is no need to transfer offices, we will work with your regular provider to help you achieve optimal health and a broad smile.

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